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Madrid’s gastronomic scene is one that reflects the spirit and character of the city itself; that is to say effervescent, abounding and above all else Spanish. The rest of the world has recently woken up to the culinary culture of what most Spaniards have taken for granted over several centuries; food as a social lubricant, varied tapas and superb wines. Here we present some of the city’s highlights recommended by people who should know, we who live, work and socialise here.

Ramón Freixa Madrid

01 January 2019 Ramón Freixa Madrid

The renowned Catalan chef has taken Madrid by storm since moving there several years ago, with two Michelin stars and three Soles Repsol (the Spanish equivalent) awarded to his signature restaurant, located within the courtyard of the Hotel Único Madrid.

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Mercado de la Paz

08 March 2018 Mercado de la Paz

One of the reasons behind Spain’s thriving gastronomic culture is the traditional markets of its towns and cities, where everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to gourmet products can be found.

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La Bien Aparecida

08 March 2018 La Bien Aparecida

Spain is the European Union’s second largest country with a variety of regional cultures and climates, each with their own indigenous gastronomy.

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08 March 2018 Amazónico

This very trendy establishment is boisterous and attention seeking, filled with noisy locals which is precisely the reason why you should go there.

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