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An oasis in the heart of Madrid for more than ten years

Hotel Único Madrid is a five-star luxury boutique hotel located in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital, in the heart of the Milla de Oro, or Golden Mile, of the Salamanca district. A 19th century palace concealing spaces of noble architecture and natural light, 44 rooms and suites, a spectacular, critically acclaimed restaurant to be accessed by a private garden with a lounge area, a library hosting a splendid array of national and international volumes, rooms for events, a wellness suite, gym and all kinds of tailored services for the client to feel at home.

The acclaimed chef Ramón Freixa leads a team in charge of making art and cuisine meet at the Ramón Freixa Madrid Restaurant—a place where the senses are awoken, and each dish tells a story to be unveiled, one bite at a time. The resulting experience has earned him two Michelin stars and three Repsol Suns.

The inner garden, one of our hotel’s best kept secrets, allows you to relax and feel lifted from the restless rhythms of the capital, enjoying a signature cocktail, all without having to leave the city.

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