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What is the Mercado de la Paz?

The Mercado de la Paz is one of the most historic and authentic municipal markets in Madrid.

Inaugurated at the end of the 19th century, exactly in 1882, today it attracts an infinite number of daily visitors who come to it either to buy food products or services, enjoy a gastronomic experience or simply stroll through its galleries and take a photograph or two.

Among its corners that tell unforgettable stories, there is a wide and varied range of establishments so that you can find everything you want and need without having to leave the market. Among these establishments you will find up to 32 food shops selling fresh produce, 13 service stalls (hardware stores, dry cleaners, shoe shops, florists...) and 9 restaurants, ideal for satisfying your palate in a unique way. Tapas bars, pinchos, Asian food, Italian gastronomy, fish and chips, Venezuelan restaurant, spicy food, sweets... You won't be short of anything!

Where is the Mercado de la Paz?

The Mercado de la Paz is located at Calle Ayala 28, in the heart of the Salamanca district. It has 3 entrances: the main one on Ayala Street itself; a second one on Lagasca; and a last one on Claudio Coello, the street where the iconic 5-star luxury hotel, Hotel Único Madrid, is located.

Opening hours of the Mercado de la Paz

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm

  • Saturdays: 9am to 2:30pm

  • Sundays: closed

A market with rich history

This enclave perfectly represents the life that a market can bring to a town. Around 1860, the Castro Plan was approved, when the Marqués de Salamanca neighbourhood was created. The land in this area belonged to private entities and characters, and they were responsible for providing the necessary public services, such as the markets.

The neighbourhood was not only designed as a residential meeting point for the city but was also intended to be a place of customs, leisure and life. It had links to the city centre, leisure facilities such as theatres, shops and public buildings. Everything, except something key and essential for a population that liked to live in the street and connect with people: the Barrio de Salamanca Market.

After a few proposals and a constant struggle and drive on the part of businessmen, bankers and architects such as Verdú, in which the need to build a market that would supply tens of thousands of inhabitants was clamoured for, on 4 October 1882, the Mercado de la Paz was inaugurated, built from iron material.

The project was led by the architect Antonio Ruiz de Salces (it had 120 stalls). In the 20th century it witnessed the civil war, was exposed to several concessions and underwent major renovations (the last one in 1985/86, when the market was modernised while maintaining its iron structure).

Today, it is one of the most emblematic markets in Madrid, offering products of enormous quality and a daring and authentic national and international culinary proposal. It is also the only one in the world that sells and markets its products through Amazon Prime Now.

How to get to Mercado de la Paz?

  • Metro: Line 4 (Velázquez or Serrano); Line 5 (Rubén Darío or Núñez de Balboa); and Line 9 (Príncipe de Vergara).

  • Buses: Lines 2, 9, 19, 51 and 74 (Velázquez-Ayala)

  • If you are staying at Hotel Único Madrid, you will reach the market in just 2 minutes walking.

Where to park if you go by car

If for any reason you prefer to go to the Mercado de la Paz in your own car, you will find two 24-hour public car parks within 300 metres of the market (3 minutes on foot). The first is at Calle Serrano 39 and the second at Calle Velázquez 50.

To complement your visit to the Mercado de la Paz, we tell you what to visit in Madrid in our blog, where you will find cultural activities, gastronomic experiences and much more.

Experience the purest life and essence of a city full of places and experiences yet to be discovered. Stay in a luxury hotel in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood by booking your room and enjoy Madrid like never before, we are waiting for you!

June 16, 2022