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Who do you want to communicate with?
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What to give someone who has it all?

At Ramón Freixa Madrid we offer the gift of time, experiences and memories.

Freixa's Universe Menu

Let yourself be seduced by our universe. A menu that mixes product, technique and feeling to communicate, provoke and excite.

Price per person: 220€.

Price per person with wine pairing by our sommelier: 330€.

RFM Discovery Menu 

A proposal that fuses tradition and creativity, from our ‘Tribute to the South’ with shrimp cone, to the ‘Sweet Moment’ with Tainori chocolate supreme.

Price per person: 160€.

Price per person with wine pairing: 235€.

Temporality Menu

The seasonal menu is an invitation to explore the most sophisticated flavours, starting with glass bread with Vic Iberian tomato and ending with our liquid pistachio fritters.

Available from Tuesday to Friday for lunch and Wednesday and Thursday for dinner.

Price per person: 95€.

Price per person with wine pairing by our Sommelier: 140€.