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Coctelerías de Madrid Cocktail bars in Madrid

Do you know where to have a good cocktail in Madrid? Cocktail bars are an essential stop in Madrid's nightlife, and these are some of our favorites.

From classic bars to innovative proposals, Madrid has become a reference for mixology. You can't go out in the capital without visiting one of its cocktail bars, full of creativity both in their interior design and in the mixes they offer.

We tell you which are the best cocktail bars in Madrid for a different night out. Read on and take note!

What makes Madrid's cocktail bar scene so special?

Madrid has a long tradition of classic cocktail bars dating back decades. The first bars opened in the early 20th century, inspired by the bars of New York and London, such as the emblematic Museo Chicote, which is still open today. Since then, they have become indispensable gathering places for Madrid society.

Today, the city is witnessing a growing trend towards innovation and experimentation, with a new wave of cocktail bars challenging conventional boundaries and elevating the art of mixology to new heights.

Madrid is also known for its festive atmosphere and afterwork culture, making cocktail bars popular meeting places where people gather to have a drink and relax after the workday.

5 must-visit cocktail bars in Madrid

Whether you love classic cocktails or you're up for trying a unique, avant-garde mix, Madrid's cocktail bars have something for everyone. We recommend five places that won't disappoint:


Located in the Chueca neighborhood, in the heart of Madrid, this cocktail bar offers a menu based on minimalism and geometric shapes, with a special emphasis on the taste of its creations. Bars exist to enjoy, and that is exactly what Momus achieves with its reinterpretation of classic cocktails.


Recognized as one of the best cocktail bars in Madrid on several occasions, Angelita offers a unique experience in the basement of the famous restaurant Angelita. Their handcrafted cocktails incorporate fresh produce from their own garden and are committed to mixology without artificial sugars.


Somewhere between traditional and modern, this cocktail bar in Lavapiés stands out for its cozy atmosphere and spectacular, unpretentious cocktails. They aim for a general public that enjoys a good drink and the classics with innovative touches.

Salmon Guru

This cocktail bar in Barrio de Las Letras challenges conventional limits with its bold and edgy approach. With eclectic décor and a lively atmosphere, this is the place to enjoy unique and experimental cocktails inspired by the travels and experiences of its bartenders.

The Bar at Hotel Único Madrid

There is no better way to conclude a tour of Madrid's cocktail bars than by visiting The Bar at Hotel Único Madrid. Located in the exclusive Salamanca neighborhood, this elegant and sophisticated space offers an incomparable luxury experience. With a cocktail menu carefully crafted by expert bartenders, The Bar is the ideal place to enjoy an elegant evening.

 Signature cocktails in Madrid

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that evokes the elegance of an English bar in The Bar, a cozy space where you can share moments and delight yourself with exquisite cocktails.

Among elegant details of leather, velvet and wood, our expert mixologist Daniel Cruz proposes a variety of classic and innovative cocktails accompanied by a careful selection of music. Consult the mixology menu here.

The Bar reflects the refined ambiance of Hotel Único, providing an oasis to escape from routine. The menu includes a selection of national wines and craft beers, as well as various tapas and snacks to satisfy a craving.

Opening times: 12:00 noon to 00:00 am

Location: Calle de Claudio Coello, 67

 Discover the best cocktail bars in Madrid

Madrid's cocktail bars are a reflection of the diversity and innovation that define the Spanish capital. Whether you're looking for a classic cocktail, something newly created or just a different night out, Madrid's cocktail bars have something for everyone.

Next time you're in Madrid, don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of mixology while staying at Hotel Único Madrid, our 5 star hotel in Madrid in the exclusive Salamanca neighborhood.

Complement your visit to The Bar with a luxury dining experience at the Ramón Freixa Madrid restaurant, awarded with 2 Michelin stars for a cuisine that awakens all the senses.

Book your stay at Hotel Único Madrid and discover the city through its cocktails.

April 04, 2024