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Celebrating Ramón Freixa

Join us in celebrating Restaurant Ramón Freixa Madrid’s 15th anniversary. Discover the chef's culinary journey through an exclusive tasting menu.

Celebrating Ramón Freixa at Único Hotel in Madrid

Our luxury hotel in Madrid has become a gastronomic landmark thanks to the work of Ramón Freixa, the chef of our Ramón Freixa Madrid Restaurant. Awarded with 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol Suns, Freixa wants to celebrate the restaurant’s 15th anniversary with those friends who have supported him throughout this exciting journey in haute cuisine.

Every month until the end of the year, Ramón Freixa's tasting menu will feature some of his classic creations alongside unique dishes crafted by renowned chefs. From the exquisite hare à la royale by his father, Josep María Freixa, to specialties of Joan Roca, Ricard Camarena, and Javier Olleros, among others. This menu offers an enriching journey through the various regions, ingredients, and culinary techniques that have shaped Freixa’s cooking over the years.

Discover Ramón Freixa's tasting menu

All the dishes on the 15th anniversary tasting menu have been designed with a focus on balancing tradition and innovation, featuring the finest ingredients. The menu is also available in four different versions, each varying in the number of courses: Universo Freixa, Descubriendo Rem, Temporalidad Rem, and Petit Menú.

Prelude: reinventing Spanish tapas

The opening of Ramón Freixa's tasting menu in Madrid is an innovative and authentic version of some of the most traditional Spanish tapas. Among its dishes, you will find delights such as a shrimp cone with brava sauce —a personal tribute from Freixa to the South—, a creamy crab omelet with vermouth air, or a reimagined Russian salad: a vegetable cupcake with anchovies, tuna, and potato with vanilla aroma.

This prelude also includes a dish of New Zealand inspiration, featuring a juniper base, spicy lychee martini, and spiced coconut. Between the prelude and the main courses, Ramón Freixa offers guests his father’s bread, accompanied by a fusion of national and international flavors: Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, Mediterranean salt, and Isigny butter.

A journey through the senses

Although the prelude of Ramón Freixa’s tasting menu will be enough to delight all palates, the sequences invite you on a journey through the country's culinary tradition and Ramón's personal experiences as a chef. The dishes in this section of the menu represent the perfect balance between tradition and innovation that our award-winning chef has achieved through years of hard work, perseverance, and passion.

Among the specialties from renowned chefs is the creation by Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigvert: "Evoking the almond tree in bloom", a royale of raw almond, amaretto, and beluga caviar. To celebrate his 15th anniversary, the chef has also included a recipe from his latest book, Cooking Happiness, specifically "Pescados con erre”(“fishes written with r”), a delicious dish of monkfish cured with seawater, seaweeds, and pepper glaze; ray with colored duck fat; tiger nuts, seaweeds and tiger nut milk.

A festival of aromas and flavors in the sweet finale

The combination of aromatic herbs, fruits, and creamy delights puts the finishing touch on this tasting menu offered by Ramón Freixa at our Único Hotel in Madrid.  From the nougatine millefeuille with cookie, banana, and caramel with iced vanilla cream to "Flowers and Herbs", a fantasy creation where Freixa blends Mediterranean aromas like thyme and rosemary with exotic flavors such as Taïnori chocolate or elderflower liqueur. The sweet epilogue concludes this spectacular culinary proposal with a liquid pistachio fritter and small chocolate bombs.

Join us in this gastronomic celebration at Único Hotel in Madrid. At Ramón Freixa Restaurant, every dish tells a story, and every bite is an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a menu designed to delight all senses and honor the journey of a culinary master.

Enjoy an exclusive gourmet getaway in our 5-star hotel in Madrid, where luxury and comfort are the hallmarks of your stay.

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June 27, 2024