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Wine pairing with Ramón Freixa

Discover how wine pairing can transform a meal into a sublime experience at Ramón Freixa Madrid.

Located in the heart of Madrid, Restaurant Ramón Freixa is a culinary paradise that boasts the honour of having been awarded two Michelin stars for a gastronomic experience full of luxury and innovation.

Chef Ramón Freixa's team not only offers creative and exquisite cuisine, but also elevates the dining experience through carefully selected wine pairings.

If you love good food and wine, or if you are looking to treat someone special to a unique experience, the Ramón Freixa Restaurant at Hotel Único Madrid is an unbeatable option.


Gastronomic experience at Ramón Freixa Madrid

A visit to the Ramón Freixa Restaurant means immersing yourself in a world of flavours and textures that delight the senses. Chef Ramón Freixa, known for his creativity and his ability to combine modern techniques with tradition, presents tasting menus that are true works of culinary art.

Ramón Freixa's tasting menus are a celebration of haute cuisine. Each dish is a showcase of the chef's meticulous attention to detail and passion for gastronomy. All with the aim of creating a gastronomic experience of happiness:



Get to know our sommelier's wine pairings

The wine pairing at Ramón Freixa Restaurant is not simply an addition to the food; it is an integral part of the experience. Each wine is selected to enhance the flavours of the dishes, creating a perfect symphony between food and drink on your palate.

The sommelier chooses wines from various wine regions, both national and international, ensuring that each glass complements and enhances the nuances of each dish.

  • Freixa Universe Menu: Product, technique and feeling to provoke and excite. Price with wine pairing 330€.

  • RFM Discovery Menu: Tradition and creativity. Price with wine pairing 235€.

  • RFM Temporality Menu: Sophisticated flavours on weekdays. Price with wine pairing €140.


Gift a gastronomic experience with wine pairing

Giving the gift of an experience at Ramón Freixa Restaurant means offering much more than just a dinner, it means giving the opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening full of exceptional flavours and unforgettable memories.

You can gift Ramón Freixa for a special occasion, a celebration or simply to enjoy haute cuisine in good company.

To complement the gastronomic event with a stay in a 5-star hotel in Madrid, at Hotel Único we offer various gift vouchers ideal for a getaway to Madrid. Enjoy our luxury rooms and suites with a privileged location in the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood. You will be next to the best shops and restaurants in the city, in a sophisticated and quiet accommodation with all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Couples can enjoy our romantic getaway with a tasting menu and massage for two, while food lovers can enjoy the gourmet getaway that includes the Universo Freixa menu.

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May 28, 2024